What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring identification to pick up your ticket(s), your own computer with peripherals(mouse/keyboard/monitor/headphones), and if you are able to, please bring a power strip with surge protection. We have many surge protectors that will be set out but as the LAN has grown it has become prohibitively expensive to keep buying them.

We lay out network cable for you to plug into at your table but just in case bring a network cable as well!

Do NOT bring:

  • UPS’s (uninterruptible power supply). They add unneeded load to the circuit. If you are concerned about protecting your hardware, get an adequate surge protector.
  • Speakers. Due to the number of people, headphones are required – we recommend bringing a headset so you can communicate with other LAN attendees in our Discord too.
  • More than one monitor, or a giant monitor/tv. Exception: If you truly need the screen real estate you can purchase two seats next to each other or we may offer VIP seating that will allow dual monitors.