FAQ – General

What is a LAN party?

A LAN party is a bring your own computer gaming event. Attendees of BoiseLAN bring their computers and peripherals from home for a weekend of gaming, tournaments, and contests!

Is there an age restriction for BoiseLAN?

Yes, if you are under 18 you will need a parent or guardian to sign the waiver with you.

If you are under 16, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is also an attendee for the duration of the LAN. Children 12 and under must be supervised at all times; guardians are expected to actively monitor their minors.

Please note that while we are a community event, BoiseLAN is not designed to be a children’s event. Generally the atmosphere is PG-13 with banter and language.

LAN organizers try hard to make sure it is an event with a positive environment but parents need to be aware there will be some adult language and some video games played will also be ESRB Rated M which contains content not suitable for all ages.

What games, events, and tournaments will there be?

We will publish a schedule of our events at the start of the LAN outlining what events, contests, and tournaments there will be.

Our schedule will have game tournaments. While we wish we could hold a tournament for every game, we do not have enough time during the weekend. Therefore, we will try our best to ensure we have the most popular games on our schedule.

What happens if your game isn’t on the schedule? Speak up! You can play your game anyway and I’m sure if you ask around or post in our Discord, you you will find others too.

How can I be involved? I want to help with BoiseLAN!

Awesome! We are a community-built event and can always use a hand!

Please reach out to us either from our contact page or on Discord.

Note, we will give preference to those who have attended the LAN before since they will have seen the flow of the LAN.

I would like to become a sponsor, how can I reach you?

Thank you for the interest! Please reach out to us through the contact page and let’s talk!