FAQ – Rules/Policies

BoiseLAN’s waiver

Here is our waiver, network waiver, and waiver rules: BoiseLANWaiver

Is alcohol allowed at the event?

Alcohol is not allowed on premise at the event. You can come back to the LAN after drinking so long as you are not disruptive to the event or other attendees.

Power restrictions?

To reduce the chance of overloading power circuits and causing power outages, potentially damaging equipment and interrupting game time, BoiseLAN restricts and enforces a maximum of 600 watts of power per machine; about 3AMPS of power are allotted for each machine.

This is not the wattage rating of your power supply unit but the amount that is pulled from the power supply while under heavy load.

This is the same power rules as enforced at PDXLAN who has run 500+ man LAN parties for over 15 years.

If you’re unsure of how much power your system draws, you can rent a Kill-A-Watt from the Boise Public Library! to measure your draw.

Restricted Items

Do NOT bring:

  • UPS’s (uninterruptible power supply). They add unneeded load to the circuit. If you are concerned about protecting your hardware, get an adequate surge protector.
  • Speakers. Due to the number of people, headphones are required.
  • More than one monitor, or a giant monitor/tv. Exception: If you truly need the screen real estate you can purchase two seats next to each other.
  • Weapons of any kind; guns, knives with a blade longer than 3 inches, bear mace, swords, etc. We love to talk about our guns but please leave them at home.

Being a good LAN neighbor

When you sit next to people for a weekend, you get to know them. Treat who you are sitting by how you would want to be treated.

We expect attendees to respect the people around them, the venue, and the staff.

If someone is building a garbage collection, in need of a shower, raging, or otherwise being a bad LAN neighbor please inform the staff and we will hose them down with Axe and/or ask they remedy the situation; depends on how much sleep staff has had.

Tournament and contest rules

Tournament and contest rules will be posted and discussed prior to tournaments and contests occurring.

If there is a dispute on rules or a situation comes up not defined in the rules; the staff member running the event has the final say.