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BoiseLAN 2.0 games!
So, as we like to play games, we put up a poll on Facebook to get a feel for what games will want to be played.

Looks like currently LoL is number 1! So that sounds like a for sure game.

Others that are confirmed are:

Keep Talking and No one Explodes
CS:GO (would like to do teams, we need to have enough teams though, otherwise it is gun game)
Age of Empires HD (It's a staff favorite so it gets a little preferential treatment Wink

What games would you like to see? Add to the poll on facebook or add them here!
Can we do the old unreal tournament for a round or two again? That was fun last time!
I'm contemplating on going, but only for CS:GO as I don't really play or have any of the other games. If you have enough for teams, do you have a set team in advance? Or will the teams be made and picked there? I don't have any gaming friends in the Boise area so I would be going alone and wont have a team going in.

Hello arch3r!

If we have enough for teams, we would make the teams there. I'm sure some groups will team together but as with other team based games there are usually a few rag tag teams made at the LAN.
awwwww you have to be 16 I'm 14 and want to play some CSGO in a LAN setting so bad ):

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