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Games for BoiseLAN 6.0
Hey all!

So while we lock down the dates and venue for the summer LAN, I thought I would kick off the game discussion for the next LAN.

From the 5.0 LAN, we got a mixed response on the all random teams. Seemed like some loved it because it introduced more randomness to the competitions and they didn't get annihilated but others didn't as much because they wanted to play with their buds. Both are understandable.

To help alleviate this, we will post tournament rules and team compositions ahead of time here to help set expectations. I think having a mix of random and team battle will be the way to go; after all the LAN is meant to be a fun local event! If people want to get super serious into competition, we will spin off a separate event.

So tournaments that will happen for sure, based on popularity:

* League of Legends (5v5) - Riot Sanctioned; pick your own team
* Counter Strike: GO (5v5) - pick your own teams

EDIT: Adding:
* Overwatch
* Rocket League

* TF2, Custom Map, - random teams.

What other games do you want to see? Suggestions to help things run smoother?

I would also love to have a VR setup; we had one set up very late Saturday night/morning and it was amazing! Huge shout out to Kyle for bringing his setup and letting everyone try it out.
Being a hobby gamer with limited skills, the random team tournaments at 5.0 were perfect for me, but I certainly understand that random does not allow folks to really show what they can do.  In any event, games I would love to see included are Overwatch, Rocket League, and Heroes of the Storm.

Thanks again to everyone for an awesome LAN 5.0. Big Grin
Ah yeah! Overwatch and Rocket League are must haves. I would love to see Heroes of the Storm and other MOBA's. I may add that one as a maybe and ill throw up a vote before the next one.

And thanks for the feedback on the random teams! Big Grin I definitely think they are worth keeping for less serious, more fun LAN environment.
yessss! Tf2!
(04-09-2017, 06:47 PM)massjennacide Wrote: yessss! Tf2!

Can never get enough Smile. I love he prophunt mod particularly but pushing the cart is good too.

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