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Build Logs?
I think that having a section for build logs would be really great, to show off your system or plans. Let other people give their opinions or find certain hardware that somebody might be looking for. Just a thought, thanks!
I like this idea Smile

One system I have been thinking of for a while, especially to help with carrying around to LANs:

Case - M1 Black ()
AMD A10-7890K
MSI A68HI AC FM2+ AMD A68H SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Mini ITX AMD Motherboard

Then graphics card not too sure on. Need to find one that will fit the case and pack some power. I do know I want to build around having the M1 case; something tiny would be nice to haul around. This would also be my first venture into AMD since like early 2000's but I can't beat that price point vs Intel. Currently running a QX 6700 Intel core processor so very overdue for an upgrade Big Grin

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