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LAN Game Ideas
Lets face it were all here for the same reason, to get our game on. This thread is for talking about those games, what we like, what we don't like; specifically what we'd like to see played at our upcoming LAN's.

I was brought up on the original Call of Duties so I'm kind of a FPS guy, unfortunately I don't think I'm alone in believing that franchise has jumped the shark. Recently I've been playing Titanfall and Orion: Dino Horde. I'm sure everyone's heard of Titanfall, so I'll skip the pitch on that. Orion feels like a super buggy Halo (no pun intended) but you get to slay dinos which is awesome, there's even a mode where you can play against your friends as dinos, sorta like Left 4 Dead only on a much larger scale.

I think any well rounded gamer needs variety and no LAN party is complete without a few RTS to mix up the scene. I'm partial to the Company of Heroes games but I think getting some Starcraft 2 in there would be a blast as well.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a "Hunger Games" Minecraft tournament at PDX last year which was awesome. Every man for himself fighting for survival in the brick wilderness of the Minecraft world was intense, terrifying and a helluva lot of fun. That sort of unique, outside the box approach is exactly what modern LAN parties need in this growing age of Madden style game development.

That's just a few initial thoughts to get the ball rolling. We want to hear your ideas. What do you enjoy LANing? What would you really like to try? Post it here and drum up some excitement for your favorite game at future BoiseLAN events.
I would definitely like to get some more StarCraft2 playing time. Orion also sounds like a kick ass game -- downloading it now Smile.

One game that has always been a staple in my library is Age of Empires. Especially since AOE is available on Steam now and the multiplayer is easy to use I would love to play it more!

My experience with MineCraft is also lacking. I have a coworker who runs a server; it would be cool to have a persistent MinCraft server people can play on between LANs and then come together for a "Hunger Games" bash. I too was at the PDX of Hunger Games, it was pretty hilarious to watch the players fight to the death! I would love that sort of experience at the next Boise LAN.
Agreed. I think the CODs have all taken a shit on the latest games. Seems like ever since world at war it's all bout the prestige and never ending dlc. I have been playing since original COD; so much multiplayer online with that; and this latest stuff dissapoints. Can newer CODs run in LANs? I thought you cant even get your own server unless its online

Minecraft hunger games sounds solid. Never played much but PvP hunger games sounds epic!

I can't believe Team Fortress 2 wasn't brought up yet! That's what I want to play

I haven't played in a long time but I would play some prop hunt! I saw there was some robot expansion or something? I have been out of the loop.
Just off the top of my head...

-Quake (with or without TF mod)
-UT 2003
-Diablo II (progression games don't lend themselves as much to a LAN party though)
-CS 1.5/1.6
-BF1942 (Operation Overlord anyone?)
For BoiseLAN 1.0 games let's keep the discussion centralized here:

Check the game server we will have in that thread!
COD 4 is a worthy mention IMO. Awesome maps, back in the good 'ol days of dedicated servers.
I would do some COD4. Used to play that for days.

I'd do original COD too! So many map mods... I remember when the grenamde mod came out that let you use grenades as landmines; was mind blowing haha
Any of the COD's up to BO1!

completely up for any or all of those!
Looking forward to Lan 5.0 in March and hope I can make it. Would love to do some Overwatch (not even sure if Blizzard allows LAN on it), Far Cry 4, Risk of Rain (a little bit out there I know), Killing Floor 2, Rocket League, or any Battlefield. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes would also be hilarious, although not technically a LAN game.

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